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Currently, the use of computer programs and web applications to record and maintain the operations are on the rise. Sage 50cloud has become an essential part of running any accounting task of a company.

Through the Sage 50 Accounting Course, we will provide you with specialized training in everything to set up and run a mid-sized company. Learn all the functions and applications of sage 50cloud. Perform the common operations in a business organization: invoices, both purchases and sales; collection and payment receipts, etc. Get all sage 50 Accounting you will need to develop key aspects such as the registration of operations, account analysis and in fiscal aspects such as VAT settlement and report generation. You will be able to effectively manage any accounting administration department and its derived VAT tax operations.

This course offers comprehensive sage 50 accounts training so that you can improve knowledge and thus improve your job skills.

Aims & Goals Of Sage 50 Accounting course

From the Sage 50 Accounting course , you will learn:

  • To take control of the company's managed receipts and payments to customers and suppliers and other third parties.
  • Prepare the various accounting reports that commercial law requires: Daily and annual accounts.
  • Generate the VAT and Personal Income Tax documents that must be submitted to the Tax Agency.

What Inside?

Who is this course for?

The Sage 50 Accounting Course is aimed at people who wish to obtain advanced training in accounting and billing development through the Sage 50 Cloud program. It will allow you to take effective control of commercial and internal operations of an organization and fulfil the mandatory records efficiently.

If you want to use sage 50 cloud for accountants or improve your skills for personal use. This course will help anyone learn fundamental skills and develop them to achieve great results!

Career possibilities

The Sage 50 Accounting Course will help you build your career as a:

  • Auditor (average salary: £37,678 per year in the UK)
  • Payroll Manager (average salary: £30,568 per year in the UK)
  • Bookkeeper (average salary: £27,000 per year in the UK)
  • Accounts Executive (average salary: £23,077 per year in the UK)
  • Payroll Administrator (average salary: £19,694 per year in the UK)
  • Staff Accountant (average salary: £33,531 per year in the UK)
  • Tax Accountant (average salary: £28,201 per year in the UK)


The Sage 50 Accounting course is open to all. There are no specific requirements, and you can take the course from anywhere in the world. The course is accessible via any modern device with an internet connection, and you can study at your own pace.


After completing the Sage 50 Accounting course successfully, you will be qualified to get a CPD accredited certificate. We provide both PDF and hardcopy certificates.

You can get a PDF certificate for £4.99, hardcopy certificate for £9.99 and both for only £11.99.



Course Reviews


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  1. 5

    Quite impressive!! It was crucial for me to learn the use of Sage 50 accounting software to improve my qualificaton. Understood the contents clearly. Very effective information is given in each module. Highly recommended!!

  2. 5

    This course is amazing! I am working on a project right now. Its going very well.

  3. 4

    Really wanted to obtain advanced training in accounting and billing development through the Sage 50 Cloud program. It took a very short time for all that indeed!!

  4. 5

    Found this course very helpful as an accountant.Helped develop my expertise and learn different new skills .Gonna apply them at my workplace for sure.

  5. 5

    Accounting is a very hard topic to begin with. But the course curriculum and instructors tired their level best to make it easier for us. Their effort was commendable.

  6. 5

    The course is very to the point and has a good structure. Overall, i consider this a great course, and seemed like the instructor was quite passionate about this course as the explainations were remarkable I would recommend it to anyone!

  7. 4

    sage 50 has been popular and ive been looking for a course to help me get started. This has been a very good one!! Got my head around the basics pretty quickly. Recommend!

  8. 5

    This course is packed with relevant informations on sage 50 and accounts management. It certainly helped me hone my knowledge and skillsets. Although I would appreciate more thorough examples on few topic. Otherwise it was a great learning experience.

  9. 5

    This course has piqued my attention. I’ve always wanted to take a Sage course, but I’ve always been too busy! I’ve had some accounting instruction! Thank you so much for making this Sage 50 course so enjoyable and beneficial for me. I hope to be able to implement what I’ve learned in my new career!

  10. 4

    It was an intense course which thoroughly explained Sage. The most interesting part, for me, about the course – are the parts which detailed capturing customers and suppliers that explained how to generate a trial balance from the system.Really appreciation worthy!

  11. 5

    This course has grabbed my attention with its overall insightful materials. It was a rigorous course that completely explained all there needed to know about Sage. I’m not sure which topic benefited me the most because the course is so great actually. Really appreciate the creator for making this course so appealing and informative. Can’t wait to put everything I’ve learnt from here into practice!

  12. 5

    Amazing course! I used to think sage accounting was too complex but after doing this course, I got a clear view of sage accounting and it’s fun. I have always loved accounting. The course modules carried in-depth and beneficial knowledge and they were explained in so detail. Every module had different elements of sage and it was interesting to complete the given task.

This course includes

  • 365 Days
  • Course Certificate
  • 4 hours, 36 minutes

We provide courses to enhance intellectual curiosity and deepen the learning process. We aim to prepare learners to discover opportunities, generate new paradigms and make a difference in their profession, career and society.

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