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Introduce yourself to a whole new world of investment opportunities through our exceptional Investment Banking for Startups course and kickstart your career with a new dimension.

From this rigorous Investment Banking for Startups course, you will learn the subtleties of Initial Public Offerings, Seasoned Equity Offerings, Private Placements, Bond Issuances, Loan Syndications, Securitisations, Mergers & Acquisitions, Restructurings, Trading Instruments, Asset Management Vehicles and more. We will demonstrate how to conduct a discounted cash flow analysis, a multiple analysis, and a leveraged buyout analysis. You will calculate the cost of capital and future cash flows of a business. Do not be concerned if these terms sound unfamiliar at this point; everything is demonstrated in detail in the course – step by step, with no steps skipped. 

After completing the course, your expertise will grow, and you will be better capable of taking charge of the organisational changes in today’s highly competitive business environment and boost profits.

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Aims & Goals of the course

  • Start a career in Investment Banking or Private Equity
  • Understand the difference between investment and commercial banking
  • Understand how pricing is determined in an IPO
  • Draw an IPO timetable
  • Understand how pricing is determined in a bond offering
  • Identify successful M&A transactions
  • Explain the deal lifecycle
  • Explore the difference between Financial and Corporate buyers

What Inside?

Who is this course for?

  • Aspiring investment bankers
  • People who are ambitious and are interested in earning a seven-figure salary
  • Anyone who wants to learn about investment banking and company valuation

Career possibilities

The Investment Banking for Startups course will help you build your career in the field of:

  • Banker
  • Finance specialist
  • Business owner
  • Entrepreneur
  • Financial or MBA Students
  • Prospective Wall Street or Investment Banking Analysts
  • Financial Analysts

Why do you need this certificate

Successful candidates will be awarded a professional certification that will help them enhance their proficiency and spike up their career ladder!



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This course includes

  • 365 Days
  • Course Certificate
  • 16 hours, 19 minutes

We provide courses to enhance intellectual curiosity and deepen the learning process. We aim to prepare learners to discover opportunities, generate new paradigms and make a difference in their profession, career and society.

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