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Xero is the best accounting software for growing companies. But it can be a bit difficult for people to learn. That is why we created this Certificate in Xero Bookkeeping course.

You will get proper training on Xero software. You will learn how to enter the opening balances, amend the nominal ledger, add new customer and supplier details, post customer invoices and credit notes to the sales ledger, post supplier invoices and credit notes to the purchase ledger, prepare the VAT return and many more.

This Xero online training will also teach you how to enter the supplier cheques and record the customer receipts, post petty cash transactions, reconcile the bank, post the wages journal, post adjustments to the accounts and produce month-end reports.

If you want to learn how to use Xero software, then you should definitely consider enrolling in this Certificate in Xero Bookkeeping course. It’s one of the best Xero bookkeeping courses, so enrol today!

Aims & Goals Of The Certificate in Xero Bookkeeping Course

From the Certificate in Xero Bookkeeping course you will learn:

  • How to use the Xero software and set up the system
  • How to create reports using the Xero software
  • How to create statements for customers & suppliers, sales ledger, suppliers, purchases ledger, bad debts, credit card, bank reconciliation, payroll/wages and vat using Xero software

What Inside?

Who is this course for?

The Certificate in Xero Bookkeeping is great for people who want to learn how to use the Xero software. The Certificate in Xero Bookkeeping is a great way to get your introduced to the Xero software.

If you want to learn how to use one of the most popular bookkeeping software out there- Xero then this course is for you.

Career possibilities

Knowing how to use Xero bookkeeping software will help you in many ways.

The Certificate in Xero Bookkeeping will help you kickstart your career as a:

  • Accountant (average salary: £62,042 per year in the UK)
  • Financial Analyst (average salary:£44,000-£75,000 per year in the UK)
  • Consultant (average salary: £79,860 - £107,668 per year in the UK)
  • Bookkeeper (average salary: £27,000 per year in the UK)
  • Financial adviser (average salary: £30,000 - £45,000 per year in the UK)
  • Financial manager (average salary: £38,866 per year in the UK)
  • Tax advisor (average salary: £48,279 per year in the UK)
  • Accounting analyst (average salary: £29,223 per year in the UK)
  • Trader (average salary: £45,000 and £150,000+ per year in the UK)


The Certificate in Xero Bookkeeping course is open to all. There are no specific requirements and you can take the course from anywhere in the world. The course is accessible via any modern device with an internet connection and you can study at your own pace.

You will need access to Xero accounts online in order to complete the assignment, we will give you the link to get the free trial version of the software.


After successfully completing the Certificate in Xero Bookkeeping course by passing the assessment, you will be qualified to get a CPD accredited certificate. We provide both PDF and hardcopy certificates.

You can get a PDF certificate for £4.99, hardcopy certificate for £9.99 and both for only £11.99.



Course Reviews


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  1. 5

    At first sight, I saw a plenty of topics on the module. I bought this course with trust and they didn’t break it. I am so happy that I make complete reports on Xerox now!

  2. 4

    This course has made xero bookkeeping easier for me. Producing monthly reports are not going to be the biggest challenge anymore. Such a relief!!!!

  3. 5

    I really had no idea about Xero, which could help me making it quick and easy to run a business from anywhere. Thanks to the course, it gave a clear concept!!

  4. 4

    This is the most comprehensive course I have come across so far, the material is detailed, but the best part is how the videos are short which means I didn’t feel fatigued. The course was engaging from start to finish, mainly due to the expertise level of the facilitator.

  5. 4

    An outstanding course to learn to use Xero software for bookkeeping. The information is described very well and is effective also. Handling financial works of my business became much more easier with the worthwhile knowledge of this course.

  6. 5

    oh ,, i am not so comfortable with onliencourses, yet i was told to have a complete guideline on xero bookkeping. but this course has made me super happy with its curriculum and very friendly way to teach us. really um impressed with this one. now i can apply all the skills im my personal life,, whoaa

  7. 5

    The course was so well-packed with Xero bookkeeping theories and techniques, it was a delight doing this course. The traditional accounting style had become too bothersome for me, and after coming across this course, I decided to give this web-based style of accounting a chance. It was a great decision as my workload reduced to a visible level. Also, the course modules were so neat and detailed. I had no trouble understanding the contents!

  8. 5

    I was a little worried when I saw so many topics in the curriculums since I wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to understand much of them. However, the course made Xero bookkeeping much easier for me. Now I’m confident that I’ve learned everything about real-time data, and I’m in command of my workflow and can properly plan and manage my time. Appreciate it!

  9. 5

    Found it really good and useful. I feel like i have enough knowledge that i can go to a new job and say i am familiar with basic bookkeeping and Xero.

  10. 4

    I am already familiar with Xero so I was expecting more advanced modules. However, a good choice for beginners.

  11. 5

    I hade minimum idea of Xero before attending the course. Now I can say that I have gathered a comprehensive idea about xero bookkeeping and accounting. This course is exactly what I have been looking for a long time. Thank you.

  12. 5

    Need bookkeeping in my job so got round to this bookkeeping course. And one thing is for sure, this course is fantastic! Got exactly what i was looking for. Recommended!

  13. 5

    The course has provided me with an amply clear understanding of bookkeping. The learning sessions were really good also the instructors did a very effective job in breaking down and explaining the concepts. Great Course!!

This course includes

  • 365 Days
  • Course Certificate
  • 6 hours, 23 minutes

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