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Want to know how cash flows interact with financial statements? Want to know the bank reconciliations for various types of transactions? Want to know about cash disbursements and other internal control topics? These are a lot of things to learn, and if you are someone who is in charge of the finances of an organisation then you should know these things. And we created this Bank Reconciliations, Cash and Internal Controls Online Course to give you information about all these topics.

You will learn about the importance of bank reconciliation in internal control and the purpose of bank reconciliation, all the things mentioned in the beginning and things like cash receipts internal controls, Cash disbursements internal controls, bank reconciliations, petty cash and other important financial things. 

So if you are interested in learning about these important financial topics then enrol now!

Aims & Goals Of The Bank Reconciliations, Cash and Internal Controls Online Course

From the Bank Reconciliations, Cash and Internal Controls Online Course you will learn about:

  • Internal Controls & Cash Receipts Internal Controls
  • Cash Disbursements Internal Controls & Bank Reconciliation
  • Petty Cash, Comprehensive Problem & Other Financial Topics

What Inside?

Who is this course for?

The Bank Reconciliations, Cash and Internal Controls Online Course is great for accounting students, finance students, business owners and people who want to learn about financial topics.

Career possibilities

Knowing about these important financial topics such as cash bank reconciliation, the importance of bank reconciliation in internal control, will help you in many ways

The Bank Reconciliations, Cash and Internal Controls Online Course will help you kickstart your career as a:

  • Accounts officer (average annual salary is £26,991 in the UK)
  • Financial Analyst (average annual salary is £40,885 in the UK)
  • Administrative Assistant (average salary is £20,108 in the UK)
  • Retail Store Manager (average annual salary is £24,338 in the UK)
  • Project Manager (average annual salary is £45,000 in the UK)
  • Business Analyst (average annual salary is £42,618 in the UK)
  • Data Journalist (average salary is £12 per hour in the UK)


The Bank Reconciliations, Cash and Internal Controls Online Course is open to all and it will be especially helpful if you have a basic understanding of financial accounting and debits and credits. 

There are no specific requirements and you can take the course from anywhere in the world. The course is accessible via any modern device with an internet connection and you can study at your own pace.


After successfully completing the Bank Reconciliations, Cash and Internal Controls Online Course by passing the assessment, you will be qualified to get a CPD accredited certificate. We provide both PDF and hardcopy certificates.

You can get a PDF certificate for £4.99, hardcopy certificate for £9.99 and both for only £11.99.



Course Reviews


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  1. 5

    Undoubtedly a splendid course! Bank reconciliation was much confusing to me but the great content of this course made it very easier to understand. Very much satisfactory.

  2. 4

    The module bank reconciliation was very helpful. Also, im very very happy with all the module setup.

  3. 4

    Completely satisfied with the course outline as a business person! Hope this course is gonna help Accounting & Finance students too….

  4. 4

    The course was very easy to understand. Bank reconciliation, Cash controls etc were such a hassle for me. A lot of the critical concerns about bank reconciliation issues got clear to me.

  5. 5

    I liked how the instructor explained the different topics in simple, clear words and not speaking fast. He was easy to understand, and I think it would be better if the assessment was assignment based. Anyways it has further expanded my knowledge on the topic. Well done!

  6. 4

    This is an incredible course. The instructor put forth a lot of effort to create a course with beautiful graphics. Learning about financial accounting in terms of bank reconciliation, calculating, and modifying entries was a lot of fun for me. With definitions of bank statements, cash equivalents, gross method, and fifteen more definitions and essential terminology, the last module was highly interesting. This is a course that I strongly recommend!

  7. 4

    This course was very well articulated and self explanatory. I loved how it covered almost all the sectors of Bank reconciliations and cash controls. the module comprehensive problems was my favourite because it nearly had all the answers to my questions. Very very impressive!

  8. 4

    I really liked learning from here. all the modules were very well organised and precisely to the point just what i wanted. the Multiple Choice Questions 2 – Cash and Internal Controls module was the most intresting module for me so far!!!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!

  9. 4

    For starting my career in the new bank job, I needed to learn about Bank reconciliation statements…..here I learnt not only this but many more relevant staff! Thanks to the course!

  10. 4

    Critical things like bank reconciliation and cash disbursement were taught in multiple steps. I am very grateful to the instructor. Trust me guys, you wont regret enrolling!

  11. 4

    From this course I got to learn about Extensive theoretical and practical lessons of Cash Receipts, internal controls and bank reconciliations. Also gained deep insight and knowledge of this topic with the help of industry experts. Amazing course to take!

  12. 4

    Coulda’ been given 5 if the instrcutor were not this fast. Otherwise okay. Bank reconcilation was well explained. Thanks for the key terms and definition part at the end.

  13. 5

    So far, I have found it particularly useful in my professional life. Very easy to understand and the explainations made the difficult concepts clear and to the point.

  14. 5

    Satisfactory course!! It helped me to understand bank reconciliation, cash control, petty cash etc very easily. The instructor was really helpful as well.

  15. 5

    superb, awesome, and quite the delight! I understood concepts I faied to understand before with the help of this course. Thanks a bunch!

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  • 365 Days
  • Course Certificate
  • 7 hours, 52 minutes

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