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Want to learn how to use Microsoft Power Bi? Microsoft Power Bi is one of the most popular data visualisation tools, but there aren’t that many good Microsoft power bi courses online. And many people want to learn how to use Microsoft Power Bi and are looking for a good Microsoft Power Bi course. That is why we created this Master Power BI in 90 Minutes course.

You will learn about both, the Microsoft Power Bi web app and the desktop app. You will learn how to get started with Power BI, how to connect to data, how to visualise data, how to publish your visualisations in dashboards and reports, how to connect to other apps like Microsoft Excel and many more things.

This Master Power BI in 90 Minutes course is your complete power bi training course. You will learn everything that will enable you to become a Microsoft Power Bi expert.

Enrol now and learn how to use Microsoft Power Bi!

Aims & Goals Of The Master Power BI in 90 Minutes Course

From the Master Power BI in 90 Minutes course you will learn about:

  • How to get started with Power Bi
  • How to Connect to and visualise data
  • Dashboards and Publishing Data and many more things

What Inside?

Who is this course for?

The Master Power BI in 90 Minutes is great for everyone. The Master Power BI in 90 Minutes is a great way to get introduced to the powerful tool that is Microsoft Power Bi and receive a Microsoft Power Bi certification.

Career possibilities

Knowing how to submit your UK tax return will help you in many ways.

The Master Power BI in 90 Minutes will help you kickstart your career as a:

  • Accounts officer (average annual salary is £26,991 in the UK)
  • Financial Analyst (average annual salary is £40,885 in the UK)
  • Administrative Assistant (average salary is £20,108 in the UK)
  • Retail Store Manager (average annual salary is £24,338 in the UK)
  • Project Manager (average annual salary is £45,000 in the UK)
  • Business Analyst (average annual salary is £42,618 in the UK)
  • Data Journalist (average salary is £12 per hour in the UK)


The Master Power BI in 90 Minutes course is open to all. There are no specific requirements and you can take the course from anywhere in the world. The course is accessible via any modern device with an internet connection and you can study at your own pace.


After successfully completing the Master Power BI in 90 Minutes course by passing the assessment, you will be qualified to get a CPD accredited certificate. We provide both PDF and hardcopy certificates.

You can get a PDF certificate for £4.99, hardcopy certificate for £9.99 and both for only £11.99.



Course Reviews


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  1. 5

    Very impressed with the course design and content. It made my learning journey very enjoyable and easier. I was excited to learn to use the visualisation tools and honestly it went above my expectation. Thanks a lot.

  2. 5

    Learning power how to visualize data with multiple chart was an awesome experience. I loved it!

  3. 5

    Now I grew my confidence in developments of reports, data analysis and dashboards!! Wohoo!!

  4. 5

    Loved the course contents but the audio quality was poor. Would recomend to work on it . Otherwise the course was great and very informative

  5. 4

    Not many people are aware about Microsoft power Bi. It is a great initiative that they provided this course and helped us to increase our knowledge. The delivery of the contents was satisfying as well. I am pleased. Recommended!

  6. 4

    I prefer short courses as very long courses bore me and makes it difficult for me to concentrate. This course was very short and precise I really enjoyed learning from here the most intresting module here was the Power Query Intro!!!!! Really enjoyed it. THANKSSS

  7. 4

    This course offers data preparation and discovery, interactive dashboards and rich visualisations in one solution, and its self-service capabilities make it an intuitive tool for interacting with data and turning it into insights more easily. And all of these in only 90 minutes!!!!! What can be a better deal?!

  8. 5

    Excellent Course!! I was looking for something like that for a long time. This course is short and well explained just like I was looking for. Really satisfoed with the contents and techniques.

  9. 5

    I was looking for a course on Microsoft BI that is easy to understand and not very lengthy. And this was the perfect course. Absolutely loved the fact that they covered both desktop app and BI web and from intro to advanced power BI dashboard ,each and every topic was covered. Undoubtedly it was one of the best deals !

  10. 4

    Unique really. Enhanced my knowledge with this course significantly. Love it.

  11. 5

    The sessions were very detailed and organized.This was a very interesting course for me.Overall I learned a lot in the course. Thanks to the instructor for making the class significantly informative while sharing few remarkable tips and tricks,

  12. 5

    Power pivot, and power query were something new to me and couldn’t thank enough the instructor for such an easy explanation! Data modelling was also good.

  13. 5

    Never have I ever thought that I would be able to be an expert on BI within 90 minutes! It was extremely fascinating course. This course was molded by industry professionals which kept it easy going and interesting throughout the time being. Glad to take this course!

  14. 4

    Whoever is struggling to learn powerBI I recommend you this course. Seriously, this was a complete package. Instructions were easy to go along with. Also, as this course was free for 1 year after the enrolment, I easily could practice when I was free. Allover, I loved it!

This course includes

  • 365 Days
  • Course Certificate
  • 1 hour, 35 minutes

We provide courses to enhance intellectual curiosity and deepen the learning process. We aim to prepare learners to discover opportunities, generate new paradigms and make a difference in their profession, career and society.

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